About Us

Luro.io is a new take on Gaming Journalism focused on Cloud Gaming

Luro.io was created in October of 2019 by Lucas Zuege with the original name of Shadow.Tips. We are a Gaming network that focuses on providing news, reviews, benchmarks, information, gaming guides, and anything else to do with Cloud Gaming and PC Gaming.

What We Cover

Luro.io focuses on Cloud Gaming. However, Cloud Gaming is a vast category within itself. With platforms like Shadow and NVIDIA GeForce Now allowing you to play your favorite PC games, the content we cover exceeds that of just Cloud Gaming and will bleed into PC gaming as a whole.

You will find the latest Cloud Gaming news on Luro.io with a sprinkle of PC Gaming news.

Advertisement Free

Luro.io will always be advertisement free. Why? In the famous words of The Minimalists, "advertisements suck."

Advertisements are the lifeline for many journalism blogs out there, and that is understandable as advertisements is one of the best ways to make money with a blog. However, advertisements are annoying. They eat up bandwidth, they sometimes break your page, and worst of all, they track your every movement and can introduce malicious content to your system.

We want to make sure Luro.io is as minimal as possible. Our pages will never be cluttered with banner advertisements, and all of our articles will be free of sponsorship to make sure you get the most unbiased opinion possible.

However, this approach does limit our sources of income, so if you want to support our goal of a minimal, advertisement free cloud gaming news blog, consider helping us out by sharing Luro.io with your friends or consider supporting us for as little as $5 a month or $50 a year.

Privacy Focused

At Luro.io, we focus on making sure that the privacy of our readers is our priority. We hate being tracked, and the one thing we hate most of all is big tech companies using our data to make a profit. That is why we decided to switch to having almost everything in-house or from privacy-focused vendors.

We use Fathom Analytics for website traffic analytics. Fathom is a privacy-focused website analytics platform that does not use cookies and only records the bare minimum to know that our website has received a visitor. We also made Luro.io's website analytics public, so you can see how many visitors we get! Check it out here!

Our Team

You can head over to our Authors page to see all the contributors to Luro.io, as well as the articles they have written.

Founder: Lucas Zuege, Email | Linkedin

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