Amazon Games' MMO New World gets release date

Amazon Games' MMO New World gets release date

During the PC Gaming Show on June 13th, Amazon Games announced the release date of their new upcoming PC MMO New World. Releasing August 25th, and going into closed beta July 23rd, New World is a defining project for the reasonably new Amazon Games.

The Closed Beta will be available to those who have pre-ordered the game. If you are to pre-order, you also get your hands on a few special digital items, such as the fist bump emote, "Isabella's amulet," a guild crest set, and a unique title.

New World will launch on August 25th worldwide. The game will feature 100-player fortress sieges, the ability to form Companies and have strongholds, and exciting skill-based combat. Another interesting thing is that the game does not feature classes, and thus you can customize your character as you see fit.

I wonder how that will go?

I will personally be pre-ordering the game, as I want to check out what Amazon can bring to the MMO sector of PC gaming. With massive titles like World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy XIV, they have some severe competition!

Get New World on Amazon today!

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