3 Best Browsers to use on Shadow

Last updated on Nov 16, 2020

Posted on Feb 16, 2020

So, you just got your Shadow PC set up and you have logged into it for the first time.

You may ntoice you have a few browsers available to you. At the time of this post, you have Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge (HTML) available to you.

The kicker to this... neither of those browsers are actually good. Internet Explorer is ancient, and Microsoft Edge (HTML) is not the greatest of browsers...

The first thing you want to do is install the best browsers available so you do not have to worry about security flaws, performance issues, and anything else that may arise from using the default browsers in Windows 10.

So, let us get started and let me tell you what I think the three best browsers are to use on your Shadow, or any Windows 10 device for that matter!

1. Microsoft Edge (Chromium)


But wait!? Didn't you just say Microsoft Edge is bad? Yes and no...

Microsoft has recently released a newer version of Microsoft Edge that is Chromium based. Making it similar to that of Google Chrome.

Because it is Chromium based, it allows you to install chrome based add-ons from the Chrome App Store.

The new Microsoft Edge also allows you to seemlessly connect to your Microsoft account to easily manage your email and accounts (if you use a Microsoft based email address).

Another thing to note is that Microsoft prides itself off of making things that will speed up and extend battery life on their devices. Since Shadow is a server hosted elsewhere, the battery life expectations are null. However, they did raise the bar by making the new Edge one of the faster browsers available.

According to PCMark, the new Chromium based Edge is 10% faster then its predessor. A decent increase in the browser world.

2. Google Chrome


Much like the new Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome is also a Chroium based browser.

Sharing many features with that of Microsoft Edge, the Chrome browser does not include Microsoft based integrations, instead focuses on integration with Google related applications.

Access to the Chrome App Store gives you a wide range of addons to install in your browser to allow for more productivity, security, and/or customization that works best for you.

As Chromium is becoming one of the main standards for browsers in this era, Google Chrome will future proof yourself from having to switch in the future. And with a large Open Source following, Chromium based browsers, like Google Chrome, will only become better and better!

3. Firefox


The only non-chromium browser that actually puts up a good fight. Mozilla Firefox is one of the best browsers available to download today. With switching to its new platform, Quantum, Firefox has really sped up into the compatition.

When it was released back in 2017, Quantum allowed for the Firefox browser to nearly double in speed, as it was a whole new core engine and a new User Interface that allowed for smoother actions, and better interaction.

Firefox has its own app store that allows you to install a wide variety of addons to better your browsing experience. Most developers create addons for both Chrome and Firefox, so you shouldn't have an issue using your favorite addins if you decide to switch between the two.

Firefox is easily one of the best browsers available to use on your computer.

Final Thoughts

I personally use the new Microsoft Edge browser. It is a new spin on the standard Chromium based browsers with some nice additional features.

However, take a look at each of these and use the one you prefer the most. If you want to stray away from using Google based products, Firefox will be your best choice. Otherwise, take a look at Chrome or Microsoft Edge. You will not be dissapointed!

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