4:4:4 coloring is now available on Shadow via the Alpha client!
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4:4:4 coloring is now available on Shadow via the Alpha client!


Today, the Shadow Alpha client received an update that changed the login process and included a new setting.

After you launch the Shadow Alpha client, you will be met with a Client Update window. Once finished, you will be brought to the client login screen, where you may have noticed that it looks a bit different.


In the above image, you will notice that the login button has changed to "LOG IN WITH BROWSER." Clicking on this will open your default browser to the new login screen.

If you have not logged into your Shadow Client with the browser yet, you will see the following window to enter your Email Address and password.


However, if you have previously already logged in, you will see the option to choose your email address.


If this is your first time logging in, you will have to set up your bandwidth usage through the speed test automatically.

When you are back to the launcher window, you can now enable the "Better Colors (4:4:4)" setting. This setting would make the colors that come through the Shadow Stream significantly better and more accurate. If you want to learn more about 4:4:4 coloring, you can head over to this blog post to learn more.


Enabling this setting will switch your Shadow Client from using the Hardware encoder to a Software encoder. This means that it will use more resources and can lead to performance issues on devices that have lower-performing processors.

If you enable it, make sure you monitor your device's temperature and performance. If you notice a drop in performance or high operating temperatures, it is suggested that you disable this feature.

I am happy to see that 4:4:4 coloring is now available on Shadow. This will effectively make games look better due to the better color sampling you can view with the Shadow Stream. I can already tell you that Final Fantasy XIV looks significantly better with it enabled!

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