720p streaming is now available for Amazon Luna
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720p streaming is now available for Amazon Luna


When Amazon Luna launched in early access, gamers could stream at 1080p resolution. For larger screens, this was amazing. However, for those that gamed on mobile devices or smaller screens, the 1080p resolution just was not worth it.

To help lower bandwidth usage for its users, while also increasing the stability of Amazon Luna's servers, Amazon has announced that 720p streaming resolutions is now an option in the Luna settings.

"Since Luna launched into early access, we've regularly heard from customers on what they're enjoying as well as areas where we can improve their experience. One of the most requested features is the ability to play at lower resolutions to match unique internet connection speeds and bandwidth demands." - Team Luna.

720p will use around half the bandwidth of its 1080p counterpart. According to Luna's settings, this will use about 5GB of data per hour of gaming, compared to the 10GB of data at 1080p.

For those with data caps, this will effectively double the time they can game without hitting that cap.

According to Amazon, for users to take advantage of the lower resolutions, "customers can go to the Settings tab in Luna and select 720p."

Amazon states that they "are working hard to continue improving Luna throughout early access, so [they] appreciate all the feedback [they have] received thus for from customers.!

Cloud Gaming continues to grow and innovate. With companies constantly releasing new updates, new supported devices, new ways to save bandwidth, and more, cloud gaming is becoming a powerhouse. With the ability to play pretty much any game on any device, cloud gaming appeals to many, and it will only continue to grow!

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