Additional Storage now available to Shadow US users

Additional Storage now available to Shadow US users

If you use Shadow as your Cloud Gaming service of choice, you may know one of the platform's limitations is the total storage space that you are given. For the Shadow Basic plan, you receive 256GB of storage. For those that do not play any significant AAA games, this will probably be enough, but as games get larger, this storage amount can cause quite an issue.

A little less than a month ago, Shadow announced that additional storage options would be available for the European market. Although this is great for them, those in the US market were left out.

Well, that changes today! Shadow has officially announced that additional storage options are now available for US users starting today! You can head over to your account on Shadow's official website and order additional storage for your Shadow!

Additional storage will run you $2.99 a month for each additional 256GB of storage.

Are you excited about the availability of additional storage?

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