Almighty: Kill Your Gods, a new Co-Op RPG on its way to Console and PC

Almighty: Kill Your Gods, a new Co-Op RPG on its way to Console and PC

During the Guerrilla Collective showcase, developers Versus Evil announced their new dark Co-Op RPG, Almighty: Kill Your Gods.

The game appears to have some Monster Hunter-esque components. Players can fight giant "gods" solo or with other players. Fighting these monsters appear to give you the ability to bring back their parts to "provide" resources to your town.

It honestly looks like a darker version of Monster Hunter, in my opinion.

There is also, what appears to be, tower-defense elements to the game. Needing to upgrade buildings and repair them while fighting waves of monsters attacking the town you are apart of. The gameplay clip shows hunters upgrading and repairing town structures and fighting off monsters as they come down from what appears to be a giant portal in the sky.

The game does not have a release date, and the reveal trailer does state that footage is from a pre-alpha build, so the game may be even better by the time it releases! If you are interested, head over and wishlist this fantastic looking game on their steam page!

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