Ansel now available on GeForce Now, as well as a bunch of new games!

Last updated on Jul 14, 2021

Posted on Sep 10, 2020

It is Thursday again; you know what that means! More games now available on NVIDIA GeForce Now and a few other announcements.

Anyways, let us begin with the new games that are now available to play on GeForce Now. Nine new games will now be available to play, with one game returning to the platform. You can find the games listed below:


  • Star Renegades (day-and-date release on Steam — Sept. 8)
  • Railway Empire (Free on Epic Games Store— Sept 10 - 17)
  • Where the Water Tastes Like Wine (Free on Epic Games Store— Sept 10 - 17)
  • Dungeon of the Endless - Crystal Edition
  • Endless Legend - Emperor Edition
  • Pro Cycling Manager 2019
  • Skullgirls
  • ** Assassin's Creed Chronicles: China (Uplay)**


  • Endless Space 2

A decent list of games added to the platform. Nothing too major, but the addition of both old and new games continues the promising outlook of GeForce Now growing as a Cloud Gaming platform!

Along with the announcement of new games, NVIDIA also mentioned some new features that are now available on GeForce Now and GeForce Now for Chromebooks.

NVIDIA Ansel now Available

NVIDIA Ansel is a powerful photo mode that allows you to take professional-grade photos of your game. This has been available in NVIDIA GeForce Experience, and they now have brought it over to GeForce Now.

With this new feature, you can now take amazing screenshots of the games you play on the platform.

"Using the GeForce NOW in-game overlay (Ctrl-G on PC, Cmd-G on macOS), you can capture and share your most brilliant gaming experiences with super-resolution, 360-degree, HDR, and stereo photographs. Freeze your game for that perfect moment and reposition the camera for just the right angle, or add post-process filters to adjust the look, feel, and mode of your screenshot. Ansel overcomes the limitations of traditional screenshot capture, giving you the power to capture truly unique photographs."

Steam Library Sync on Chromebooks

For those who use NVIDIA GeForce Now on your Chromebook, or any other device if you followed my tutorial to play GeForce Now through your browser on any device, you are now able to sync your Steam Library with your GeForce Now Library.

This can be done by going to your Settings > Game Sync in GeForce Now. This will ensure that all games you own and are available on GeForce Now will be added to your library to play whenever!

This is a good list of updates. I wish NVIDIA would drop the "GeForce Now for Chromebooks" branding and make it available for all platforms so that anyone can play games through their browser if they have good enough hardware.

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