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Blacknut and HitClic are committed to the accessibility of cloud gaming


Blacknut has announced that they have partnered with HitClic, known for its HandiGamers project, to provide a liable platform and guaranteed compatibility for adaptive controllers on Blacknut's cloud gaming services.

Today, "more than a billion people are declared in a situation of handicap worldwide." With this partnership, Blacknut is committed to making sure their cloud gaming service, with a catalog of over 500 games, is fully compatible with all gamepads developed by HitClic.

Controllers are still a mass market standardized today for players with two hands and ten fingers. At Handigamers the mission is to provide a solution adapted to the needs of each one.

In the press release by Blacknut, they mention that new console releases are usually a blow to players with disabilities, as they are designed to work with the standard controllers that come with the console.

Players with disabilities that limit their physical and mental functions are left out of being able to play new games if they cannot use the standard controllers.

HitClic worked hard to get their Handigamer controllers working on the PS4. But, unfortunately, with the introduction of the PlayStation 5, the technology they created to allow disabled gamers to enjoy new games no longer worked, thus leaving disabled gamers behind.

That is where Blacknut hopes to come in. With their vow to ensure that all games on their platform are compatible with HitClic's technology, they hope to guarantee solutions that will help bring cloud gaming to as many gamers as possible.

With this solution, Blacknut will be guaranteeing support for HitClic controllers wired directly into computers or by plugging them into the Microsoft Xbox Adaptive Controller, which is already 100% compatible with Blacknut's platform.  

"Our mission at Blacknut has always been to simplify access to video games. Controllers compatible with Blacknut games will remain so and players with adapted needs can enjoy the entire existing catalog, as well as the new games added. every month, without fear of having to find new technical solutions." - Olivier Avaro, Founder of Blacknut.

Blacknut also states that while games will never be 100% accessible, they hope that this partnership will offer video games to as many people as possible.

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