Blacknut, Telecall, and Radian Arc partner to bring Cloud Gaming to consumers
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Blacknut, Telecall, and Radian Arc partner to bring Cloud Gaming to consumers


Cloud gaming provider Blacknut has partnered with Radian Arc to utilize their GPU-based edge servers to deliver low-latency cloud gaming to Telecall's network.

Utilizing Radian Arc's groundbreaking technology, Blacknut can provide a catalog of over 500+ premium games to Telecall's consumers. The best part is that the service will be integrated into the carrier's direct billing, allowing the carrier to sell the service as part of their subscription plan.

Radian Arc and Telecall are also partnering to make Radian Arc's infrastructure-as-a-service available to telecom operators and game publishers in Japan.

“We have built something pretty unique with the symbiotic integration of the Blacknut Cloud gaming service with the Radian Arc GPU-based edge cloud. Launching our joint offering in Brazil with Telecall is a world-first: it will allow millions of customers to access the 500+ premium games of the Blacknut Catalogue with an unprecedent quality of experience.” - Olivier Avaro, CEO of Blacknut.

Because of Telecall's relationship with global telecom operators, this partnership could lead to cloud gaming ending up in the hands of millions of consumers, increasing the footprint of Blacknut's cloud gaming services.

“Telecall is leveraging its network and relationships of over 20 years with global telecom operators and service providers to help them build new digital experiences and better monetize their existing and future networks. By partnering with 5G and fiber operators, Radian Arc and Blacknut we believe we have created the perfect ecosystem for cloud gaming to prosper, reach millions of users and democratize access to gaming in countries where console and games are still very expensive for most of the population. Cloud gaming can help redefine and accelerate the gaming industry and market size.” - Allan Ajuz, CEO of Telecall.

Radian Arc's GPU-based edge platform is a ground-breaking service that will allow telecom operators to save on infrastructure costs by utilizing Radian Arc's servers. Not only are these servers great for cloud gaming, but telecom operators and game publishers could also utilize them to help assist their workflows.

“We’re excited to partner with Blacknut and Telecall to demonstrate the power of our GPU-based edge to offer the speed, efficiency and low latency; delivering the highest quality experience for Blacknut’s cloud-gaming to Telecall’s consumers, wherever they are. We’re equally excited to expand the reach of our infrastructure-as-a-service to telecom operators and game publishers in Japan.” - David Cook, CEO of Radian Arc

I am excited by this announcement. Not only is Blacknut quickly expanding its footprint around the world, but it is also making cloud gaming more accessible to gamers in places that previously did not have cloud gaming. As a cloud gaming news blogger, this is exciting, and I can not wait to see how cloud gaming will evolve in the near future!

Source: Telecall, Blacknut and Radian Arc Partner to Launch Cloud-Gaming with Over 500 Premium Games | Blacknut Business Solutions

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