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Business Focus change and the future of


In October of 2019, I started what would become

Many things have changed on since it initially started, and it has brought us to where we currently are today!

Back in 2019, focused on one Cloud Gaming platform. That platform was Shadow. Today, we now cover news about all Cloud Gaming services and the games you can play on them. has grown from a few hundred visitors per month to a few thousand visitors, and it continues to grow!

Although we are by no means a large publication, we are still reaching users worldwide and have grown a small following of dedicated readers.

In this post, I want to update you on what my vision is for and what my focus will be on going forward.


I am sure you know that there are a bunch of gaming-related publications and news sites already around. You have sites like Polygon, PC Gamer, IGN, and more.

All of these sites are giants in the gaming publication scene. will most likely never reach their level. And, that is perfectly fine!

I have a different vision for

I want to become a publication that focuses on releasing content that you would want to read, watch, or listen to. Your time is your most valuable resource, and if you spend that time consuming our creations, we want to make sure that you are gaining something in return. Whether this is an update on what's happening with a Cloud Gaming platform, or a guide on how to do something in a specific game, I do not want to waste your time with clickbaity crap... excuse my language.

With that being said, let us discuss the changes to

Changes to

If you are reading this article, then you are already experiencing the first change!

New Hosting Solution

Before today, was self-hosted by myself. To better prepare for future growth and free up some of my own time, has been moved to a Managed Hosting service.


Back in 2020, I decided to shut down the newsletter I had alongside This was due to concerns I had with the service I was using.

After reviewing the future of, I concluded that a newsletter would help achieve the vision that I have for

With the help of the publication platform I use for, I can create a newsletter that is built directly into, and any new articles published will be sent directly to your email inbox. will be offering two types of newsletters.

Free Newsletter: You will be able to subscribe to our newsletter for free by signing up on As part of this newsletter, you will receive any new articles directly into your inbox the minute they are posted. You can expect to see 1-2 articles per day.

Paid Newsletter: The paid newsletter will be for those that become a Luro+ member for $3 a month or $30 a year. As a Luro+ member, you will receive emails regarding upcoming changes to, a sneak peek into new content we may be working on, and access to member-only giveaways!

Luro+ Memberships

All content produced by will be free. That will not change. However, creating content and hosting costs time and money. With that said, we need to find avenues to generate an income.

We stick by never putting banner advertisements on our website. They look bad, they cause pages to load slowly, and they are bad for privacy.

However, that cuts out a significant source of revenue. So, we utilize the following avenues:

  • Affiliate Links
  • Brave Creators Program - BAT Tipping
  • Luro+ Memberships

Affiliate links and Tipping through the Brave browser has been part of our website since the beginning.

The newest addition is Luro+ Memberships!

What is Luro+?

For the cost of a cup of coffee at your local coffee shop, you can subscribe to become a Luro+ Member. You can subscribe for $3 a month or $30 a year.

As a Luro+ member, you will continue to have access to all of the free content we provide, plus you will gain access to our Paid Newsletter, a Luro+ Member's only Telegram group, and you will have a say in the type of content we create!

You will also be supporting a small gaming publication :).


All you have to do is click on the "Subscribe Now" button in the bottom right of your screen and select one of the paid membership options!

If you have already subscribed to our free newsletter, you will need to log in and then upgrade to one of the paid subscription options.

A Focus on Article Content

Another significant change that I will be making is a focus on creating articles and other text-based content.

You may know that in previous update posts, I mentioned wanting to get back into video content like gaming benchmarks, and video reviews, etc.

This will likely not happen. At least not at this time.

Between my full-time job and personal responsibilities in my life, I do not have the time to work on video-related content and keep up with the latest Cloud Gaming news.

Thus, I need to shelve the idea of releasing video content and focus on keeping this blog up to date.

However, I will continue to release Quick News episodes every Saturday :).

As continues to grow and revenue increases, I can hopefully hire additional writers to assist or focus on full-time and bring video content back.

Cookies are back

Lastly, if you haven't noticed already, is no longer Cookie-free. To add the ability for you to sign up for a newsletter and allow readers to subscribe to our Luro+ memberships, I needed to bring cookies back.

These cookies are all functional and security-based. None of them will be used to invade your privacy!

You can check out our Cookie Policy for more information, or shoot me an email at

We will continue to avoid embedding third-party content from YouTube and Twitter to prevent their cookies from making their way on is still tracker-free :).

Final Words

I want to say thank you for reading! In 2019, I would have never thought that I would have 3,000+ people reading my articles every month!

I hope you all understand some of the changes that I am making, and I hope you will continue to read!

Anyways, it is time to get back to writing about the latest Cloud Gaming news!

Have a good day, everyone!

Lucas Zuege
Founder -

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