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Cloud Gaming for a Minimalist


I have always been interested in the minimalist movement. If you do not know what a minimalist is, it is basically one who focuses more on only getting what they need and not buying the newest thing, just because an advertisement agency tells you too.

I may not be a "hardcore" minimalist, but I have started to follow some minimalistic point of views. One of them being the technology I use.

This is where Cloud Gaming, in particular Shadow, has allowed me to achieve a more minimalistic view on technology.

How Cloud Gaming promotes minimalism for the techy

One of the main focuses of Cloud Gaming is the advantage of being able to play your favorite game on any device. Whether it is a phone, a tablet, or an old laptop from 2014. You can run your favorite games on it at stunningly high graphic settings.

If you are a PC gamer, you will know the struggle of having a new game come out, only to realize that your hardware is not strong enough to play it. Thus, you have to upgrade your current PC or purchase a whole new PC.

If you are trying to follow the minimalistic thought process of only getting things that you need, then having to upgrade your computer just to play one game does not always fit in that thought process.

With Cloud Gaming, your current computer can run that game without upgrading the hardware in your PC.

How it has helped me

As I mentioned above, I started looking into and making my conversion into a minimalistic lifestyle. Now I may not be going completely minimalistic, as there are things that I have and love that I would never want to get rid of.

However, I have changed my mindset of always wanting to upgrade and get a better computer. Although I did purchase the Shadow Ghost to use with the Shadow Cloud Gaming service, I will not be purchasing a new computer unless my current ones die.

This has both helped me financially, as well as mentally not having to worry about my computer not being able to run new games I may want to play!

Final Thoughts

If you are looking to extend the life of your current computer, Cloud Gaming may be perfect for you. If you are trying to live a minimalistic lifestyle and trying to decide if a computer upgrade is worth it, check out Cloud Gaming. It will make this decision a lot easier :).

Thank you all for reading! Until next time.

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