Codemasters confirms Dirt 5 for PC, Xbox Series X, and PS5

Last updated on Jan 13, 2021

Posted on May 11, 2020

Racing games are extremely popular, and a great way to show the capabilities of new consoles. From the dirt being kicked up behind your vehicle, the fine details on your favorite car, Dirt 5 will be able to show off what new councils are capable of!

But, this is a Cloud Gaming blog, and thus, we don't necessarily cover games that are on councils. Worry not! Dirt 5 will be released for PC as well!

This means that your stupidly-overpowered gaming PC can run Dirt 5 on 4K at 120+ FPS! Or, for those who do not have a beefed-up PC using platforms like Shadow that offer up to an RTX Titan equivalent, you can really kick up that dirt and hopefully not crash into a tree.

At the Xbox Series X gameplay reveal event, Codemasters confirmed the release of Dirt 5 for with an epic looking trailer that appears to showcase a few race modes available.

It was also revealed that players will be able to select between 4K 60 FPS and a 120 FPS option. Truly showcasing the power of the new consoles.

I personally hope a Dirt Rally 3 gets announced soon :).

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