Covid-19 and its effects on Cloud Gaming

Last updated on Nov 16, 2020

Posted on Mar 17, 2020

So, as many of you know, the last few months have been quite... interesting. Since November of last year, we were informed about a new coronavirus called, Covid-19.

It started in China, and as of the last month or so, has skyrocketed in confirmed cases outside of China. This has lead to a lot of panic, which also resulted in a lot of events being canceled and businesses being affected.

As many of you may have heard, major conventions, like E3, have been canceled to help stop the spread of the virus.

Not only is this affecting events and businesses, but game developers and publishers are delaying or may delay the release of games because of the impact on these companies.

Games such as Minecraft Dungeons are announcing possible delays. Some games have already announced that they will be delayed for at least a few weeks

And then you have the Cloud Gaming platforms. Cloud Gaming runs on large infrastructures in Datacenters around the world. These infrastructures are designed to handle a specific amount of load so that the company is not overspending on the infrastructure, while also not negatively impacting their customer's user experience.

When companies start shutting down and sending their employees home, this means more people than normal will be on at off-peak hours. This also means more people will be using these platforms than usual, and thus, the planned out infrastructure is now underpowered for the increase in unplanned usage.

When this happens, you can start noticing service degradation when using cloud-based platforms. When this happens, it causes customer frustration and bad user experiences.

Recently, companies like Microsoft have had a large increase in cloud services like Office 365 because of the sudden vast amount of businesses asking their employees to work from home. This has caused some issues with some of the Office 365 products, especially Microsoft Teams that crashed completely.

Although, not everyone can work from home. So, they may be home doing other things... such as gaming. This is when companies like Shadow start to feel the pressure of increased usage that was never planned for.

Recently, Shadow issued a statement asking its users to make sure they shut down their Shadows when not using them instead of leaving them idle.

As this pandemic continues to get worse, so will the effect on cloud gaming. So please do your best not to blame these companies if you start running into issues using your favorite cloud gaming platforms!

Everyone stay safe and game on!

What are your thoughts on Covid-19 and how it is affecting everything?

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