Creator Corner #1 - NNeon

Last updated on Nov 16, 2020

Posted on Apr 25, 2020

Welcome to the first iteration of the Shadow.Tips Creator Corner series. A series dedicated to highlighting those who use Cloud Gaming platforms in their creative process!

These posts will include a short interview, as well as links to their content so you can check them out, as well as see how Cloud Gaming platforms like Shadow, Google Stadia, and GeForce Now can be used to stream, create videos, blog, music creation, and more!

For the first post of the series, Shadow.Tips will be highlighting a fellow Shadow Maker, NNeon.

So, let us begin!


Who are you and what do you create?
NNeon: My name on the internet is NNeon or Veil, friends call me Kaz or Liv. I create gaming videos, music, as well as other types of content talking about things I generally want to talk about.

When did you start being a "Creator"?
NNeon: I started creating around late 2012, after a while I felt like I needed a refresh in my content and channels and my current channels have been running since 2014, not including my newer channel created as a separation from gaming which was created a few months ago.

Why did you start creating and what inspired you?
NNeon: I was inspired to create because of my passion for gaming. Around 2012 was the prime time of gaming content creation itself, so I felt like I wanted to become one of those people who made that type of content.

What platform(s) do you use for your creations?
NNeon: I use Shadow for many different reasons. As of now, I use Shadow to stream my Virtual Reality games, although I can do it with my own computer, I felt it was easier to have a separation between the competitive games and the VR games. I also occasionally use GeForce now, and I also play on the Xbox One and PS4.

How did you find out about this platform?
NNeon: I found out about Shadow from multiple ads on Instagram and YouTube. Probably because of my frequent GeForce Now searches.

Why did you decide to use these platform(s) instead of a dedicated PC/Console?
NNeon: It takes off the workload from my regular PC. I can stream the normally hard to run VR games or test some other games on the Shadow and play my regulars on my main computer, though my computer is more than good enough to play these games.

What do you like best about the platform(s) you use?
NNeon: I love Shadow mainly because it gives me a second computer, unlike GeForce Now, I have full access to a computer that I can use to stream, edit, or play VR.

What do you dislike about the platform(s) you use?
NNeon: Currently, since they've updated the whole storage thing, my only dislike is the amount of time it takes me to connect, unlike other people who use Shadow, I regularly use the Alpha version. There may be some others out there who use it as well but it's my main source. Sometimes I find myself being unable to connect to Shadow or even update because it'll say, "There was a problem updating", or it'll just get stuck on "Starting Streaming." However, I tend to overlook those problems and still enjoy my time using it.

Anything else you would like to say?
NNeon: I would like to say if you ever want to accomplish anything, keep your mind to it. It may take some time but the more effort you put in, the more you'll receive.

Check out NNeon's Channels!


And also take a look at this cool clip from NNeon's recent stream on April 8th!

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