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Custom Wooden Keyboard Case


This is more of a personal post and a slight explanation for why there were not many posts this weekend. A few months back, I picked up the GK61 Optical Mechanical Keyboard and gave 60% keyboards a try. Switching from a ten-keyless keyboard, this was a shock since I no longer had the F1-F12 keys and the arrow keys.

Well, I fell in love with the 60% form factor, and I do not plan on ever going back; however, there was one thing about the GK61 that I was not too fond of. It was the plastic case, and it just did not appeal to me visually.

So, I took to looking for custom keyboard cases that would fit the GH60 form factor that the GK61 uses. I started to look into Wooden cases more, but I was turned off by the price. CNC cut cases were $50+, and non-CNC cut cases were $100+. Not a massive fan of these price points.

So, I started to research possibly building my own. I had access to some tools to create my own wooden case, so why not try? So, I ended up going to my local Menards this past Friday and picked up Red Oak Board.

This case is my first ever woodworking project, so I was not expecting it to look fantastic, but I wanted to use it as a learning experience. Well, fast forward to Saturday, I was able to get the board carved, sanded, and finished, and today, I was able to put together my keyboard with my own unique wooden keyboard case!

Luro #1

Yeah, I know the name sucks, but hey, I own, so why not name the case with the Luro brand?

Wood: Red Oak

Finish: Danish Oil (Golden Oak)

Keyboard: GK61 with Gateron Optical Browns

Tools used: Hand Router, Dremel, Sanding Paper, Detailing Sander, Drill

Total time spent working on it: 6 Hours


Final Words

I have never done woodworking in my life, so the fact that it turned out the way it did makes me happy. Although the carved out middle may not look the best, at least with the PCB/Plate, you cannot see it! But, the outside seems rather smooth, and I think it looks great.

I learned a lot, and I will be giving it a shot again in the near future as it was rather fun to make.

What do you all think? Feel free to comment below!

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