Cyberpunk 2077 bug is corrupting players save files
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Cyberpunk 2077 bug is corrupting players save files


Cyberpunk 2077 has been the main subject in gaming news as of late. From the botched launch with an excessive number of bugs to the failer of CD Projekt Red meeting the expectations of Xbox One and PS4 gamers, it really cannot catch a break. Especially with the new game-breaking bug that has recently surfaced.

Players have found an error in the game's save files. If your save file goes above 8MB in size, there is a possibility that your save will become corrupted. Once this happens, you will be unable to play your current save. Worst of all, you are unable to recover it. This has been reported by quite a few players over on Reddit.

Many have noted that when your save file reaches the 6MB mark, your game will begin to slow down. Once you hit the 8MB mark, your save will no longer load, and instead, you will be greeted by the message "saved data is damaged and cannot be loaded."

The main culprit for save files reaching this size is the crafting system. The more items you craft, the larger your save file will be. So make sure you are paying attention to your save file size.

CD Projekt Red has acknowledged the bug, and a moderator on the CD Projekt Red Forums offered some tips and troubleshooting steps to get your save files working again. Although many have stated that once the files are corrupted, you are unable to recover them.

It is probably better to limit or avoid crafting in Cyberpunk 2077 until this issue is fixed. Try and keep your save file size below 8MB, and for those that play the game on a platform where they are unable to see their file size, I suggest avoiding the crafting system the best you can!

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