Cyberpunk 2077 delayed yet again

Cyberpunk 2077 delayed yet again

Originally, CD Projekt Red's upcoming open-world cyber-thriller was initially meant to be released April of this year. Unfortunately, it was delayed until September 17th of this year. Well, CD Projekt Red has made a statement announcing that Cyberpunk 2077 will be postponed until November 19th of this year.

CD Projekt Red goes on to say that "Those of you who are familiar with the way we make games know that we won't ship something which is not read. 'Ready when it's done' is not just a phrase we say because it sounds right, it's something we live by even when we know we'll take the heat for it."

They also state that "at the time we are writing these words, Cyberpunk 2077 is finished both content and gameplay-wise. The quests, the cutscenes, the skills and items; all the adventures Night City has to offer - it's all there. But with such an abundance of content and complex systems interweaving with each other, we need to properly go through everything, balance game mechanics and fix a low of bugs."

It makes sense that CD Projekt Red would like to polish off the game before the release. But, in my opinion, too many delays may be unfortunate for the overall outcome of how the game is perceived. I am still excited for the game, and can not wait until November 19th!

What are your thoughts on this delay? Do you think it is justifiable or not?

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