Dauntless Reforged is out today
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Dauntless Reforged is out today


Dauntless, a monster hunter style game released in 2019, has released its most significant update today. Titled Dauntless Reforged, this update will be adding quite a few things to the game.

In Dauntless Reforged, you will have the opportunity to take on new hunts, fly gliders, access the new Hunting Grounds hunt type, and have access to the new player progression system, Slayer's Path. All of these come together to create a wholly unique experience for those that currently play the game and a better experience for new players.

Slayer's Path

Slayer's Path is a new character progression system that players will now follow. The paths will allow players to specialize in certain aspects of the game as you fight Behemoths and level.

You will be able to make yourself stronger while fighting Behemoths, gathering items, crafting items, and more. The new paths put a new spin on what your character will be capable of!

Hunting Grounds

This new hunting type will allow for players to hunt Behemoths on 18 islands. Instead of the original hunt type where you fought the Behemoth and went back home, you will stay on the island and continue exploring, gathering items, and fighting other Behemoths.


The addition of Gliders will allow players to better maneuver their way around the islands, thanks to the higher mobility and visibility that these new items will provide.

A whole bunch of new features that will surely make the game even more exciting!

Dauntless is available on the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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