Disable Steam Remote Play on your Shadow

Last updated on May 18, 2021

Posted on Dec 30, 2019

Shadow is a Cloud Computer that focuses on the gaming market. That being said, it is more than likely that you have installed Steam on your Shadow PC.

It has been requested by /u/americanslon on Reddit to add this here on Luro.io, so here we go with this post!

What is Steam Remote Play?


Steam Remote Play is a feature offered by Steam that allows you to stream games from a computer running the steam client. This is amazing for home game streaming setups, but it can cause some issues with Shadow.

The steam client captures video and audio sounds from the computer running the game and then allows you to play and hear the game from another device. This technology is pretty much the same as how your Shadow client works, just with some minor differences.

Why does it cause issues?

Your Shadow computer is utilizing a portion of its Graphics Card to stream directly to your Shadow client. This means that your Graphics Card is at work encoding a stream for you to decode it on your computer/device that you are using.

Having other streaming services enabled like Steam Remote Play, NVidia Gamestream, etc, can cause conflict. This is why if you were to start NVidia Gamestream or another similar service, you may lose connection to your Shadow and have to force a restart.

Unlike NVidia Gamestream where you have to turn it on, the Steam Remote Play is enabled by default. Which, as you may have guessed, is not good.

For some, you may not notice any issues. But for others, you may be plagued with Shadow errors without knowing what is causing it.

How to disable

So, you decided you want to disable Steam Remote Play? Well, let us look at the steps to do this!

1. Open Up Steam Settings


2. Go to "Remote Play" and uncheck Enable


3. ???

4. Profit!

Final Thoughts

And there we go! Steam Remote Play has been disabled on your Shadow. This should help with some streaming issues you may be having, and prevent future ones caused by Steam Remote Play.

I hope this helps you with some of the Shadow streaming issues you may be having!

Thank you, and until next time :).

Did I miss something or you have something to add? Feel free to comment below!

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