Dual Screen officially releases on Shadow

Last updated on Jul 2, 2021

Posted on Jul 2, 2021

In a blog post from Shadow, they have officially released the Dual Screen feature.

Initially, this setting hit Alpha back in March, titled the "Multi-Screen" setting. When it was made available in Alpha, the feature was a game-changer to Shadow for those who had multi-monitor setups. Initially, you were locked to a single monitor, and it could cause some issues when you want to work on more than one monitor at once. It caused me to either switch to a single monitor setup or forwent using Shadow altogether for some projects.

But now, the feature that has been requested for more than five years is available on the stable client!

Dual Screens on the Official Release Candidate

The new Dual Screens feature will be available on the following clients:

  • Windows
  • macOS
  • Linux (Ubuntu)
  • Shadow Box

Unfortunately, due to the Shadow Ghost having only one HDMI display output, the Shadow Ghost does not support dual screens, and thus the setting is missing on those devices.

How to enable Dual Screens

To enable dual screens on your Shadow, you will need to utilize the Quick Menu on your Shadow. When you open it up, you need to head to the "Display" tab and click the "Enable Dual Screen" button.

Image Credits: Shadow.tech

Things to know

When utilizing dual screens, your bandwidth setting will be split between the two screens. Initially, if your bandwidth was set to 50mbps, each screen will utilize 25mbps. Not ideal for fast pace games that you need high FPS on, but great for slower-paced games where you need a guide, YouTube video, or stream up on your other screen. It also works wonders if you need to do work with more than one screen!

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