Elite Dangerous will give the Horizons expansion out for free

Elite Dangerous will give the Horizons expansion out for free

Frontier Developments has announced that they will be merging the first DLC for Elite Dangerous into the base game. For those that do not know, the DLC was named Horizons, and it was released initially in 2015. This update will make it free for all, preparing the game for the new Odyssey expansion.

The merge will take place on October 27th, and it will be available on the PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One. As the expansion initially cost $30, this will save money for those who have not already purchased it or plan to buy the game in the future.

The list of additions that the Horizons expansion will bring to the base game is expansive. You will be able to piolet ground vehicles, weapons and module engineering, ship-launched fighters, passenger transport ships, new missions, and much more.

Image Credits: Eurogamer.net

Frontier Developments has decided to give everyone that has already purchased the expansion an exclusive Azure Paint Job. Frontier Developments have said that this paint job will be available for all 41 ships currently available in the game.

Elite Dangerous' next expansion, Odyssey, is set to release in 2021. It will allow you to explore planets on foot, experience first-person combat, and even scan objects and vegetation for new data. This will add to the already expansive universe.

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