Eve Anywhere allows you to play Eve Online in your browser!
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Eve Anywhere allows you to play Eve Online in your browser!


It looks like even CCP is getting into cloud gaming, with "Eve Anywhere."

Eve Anywhere is a Cloud Gaming solution that will allow you to play CCP's massively popular space sandbox game, Eve Online, in the cloud.

Eve Anywhere will allow players to play Eve Online at 1080p resolution, 60 frames-per-second, inside their browsers. Safari, Chrome, Edge, and Firefox were officially mentioned in their announcement post as supported browsers. However, likely, any chromium-based browser will also work.

The early tests for Eve Anywhere will be limited to US-based players who meet bandwidth and connection requirements. Currently, all Omega licensed pilots can use Eve Anywhere at no additional cost. Newcomers to the game will also be invited to Eve Anywhere; however, they will require an Omega license if they play on more than one account.

According to CCP, "The early-stage trial has already demonstrated that potential, seeing first-time EVE Online players stay for longer, with higher numbers converting into full-time pilots."

Eve Anywhere will allow current and new players to access Eve on more than just their computers. It will also allow for those who do not have a PC that meets the game's minimum requirements to be able to play the game.

It can also be utilized by hardcore Eve Online players to play on even more accounts at the same time!

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