Facebook Gaming acquires Unit 2 Games

Last updated on Jun 4, 2021

Posted on Jun 4, 2021

In an interesting announcement, Facebook Gaming has acquired Crayta developers, Unit 2 Games.

It appears that the goal of the acquisition of Unit 2 Games is to utilize the technologies behind Crayta and integrate them into Facebook Cloud Gaming. This will let Facebook "expand the notion of a Facebook creator to include people who collaboratively build, publish and share games, worlds and new experiences on Facebook."

With the new technologies, creators on Facebook will be able to create new experiences in a matter of minutes, without the need for code, and then share them with others using Facebook's Cloud Gaming platform.

It also looks like Facebook is aiming to offer a one-click gaming experience much like that of Google Stadia and Amazon Luna. Facebook mentions that "[t]he addition of Unit 2 Games and its creation tools will complement and accelerate those efforts. Our work together will also mean more choices and value for people to create and enjoy great games and experiences and will help creators reach a new audience."

This is indeed an interesting acquisition, and it may just be the push Facebook needs to start gaining some traction in the cloud gaming market.

It is unsure if anything will change for the current offerings for Crayta. But, according to Crayta's website, nothing will be changing for the game, as the team will stay together and focus on developing Crayta.

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