Fall Guys to get an anti-cheat soon

Fall Guys to get an anti-cheat soon

Fall Guys, the massively popular unique battle royale game, will soon be getting an Anti-Cheat engine. In a recent tweet by the official Fall Guys Twitter account, they apologize for all the cheaters, and that they have a "BIG" update on the way in the form of the same Anti-Cheat that is used by games such as Fortnite.

In case you were wondering, the name of the anti-cheat is "Easy Anti-Cheat," and it is used by games such as Fortnite, Apex Legends, Rust, and more. So, we know it is a decent anti-cheat software.

This probably will not get rid of all the cheaters in the game, but it should cut down the number of cheaters by a decent amount. Hopefully, this works, as Fall Guys has been having trouble combating the large number of cheaters currently plaguing the game. But, that does not mean that the game is terrible, in fact, Fall Guys is probably one of the best battle royale games you could play!

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