Fantasy Strike goes free-to-play

Last updated on Jan 13, 2021

Posted on Jul 22, 2020

Fantasy Strike, a fighting game by developer Sirlin Games, has ditched the price tag on the game and have made it free-to-play.

This update also comes with two new fighters, Quinn and Onimaru. In an update post over on Fantasy Strike's Steam page, the developers say, "This is something we wanted to do all along. We know that it's a huge benefit to the playerbase, not just in that they can play for free, but also in that it attracts a ton more opponents for everyone and helps vastly expand the community. The problem for us was always that in order to make the game free-to-play, we have to develop a bunch of other stuff to actually sell. Well, we did that. And we've been careful to keep the game completely competitively fair in the process."

The decision for a game to go free-to-play is not out of the norm. With the addition of new cosmetics to the game and a subscription service to get some extra goodies such as double XP and a green name, Fantasy Strike can make all of its fighters free for a boost in its player base.

Fantasy Strike was a crowdfunded fighting game with the idea of creating a fighting game without all the insane inputs needed. The game was developed from the studio run by David Sirlin, who worked on Street Fighter HD Remix.

As an avid Street Fighter player, I may give this game a try!

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