Final Fantasy XIV 5.45 has been released today
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Final Fantasy XIV 5.45 has been released today


Patch 5.45 for Final Fantasy XIV has been released today. The patch includes some quality of life changes, a level cap increase for Blue Mage, additional Save the Queen quests, and many other things.

Save the Queen

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The latest patch continues the battle for the Bozjan southern front, with the continuation of the Save the Queen Relic Quest Story Line. To partake in these quests, players will have to have completed a few requirements.

Those who advance the Save the Queen questline can upgrade their Resistance Weapons to an additional two tiers. The second tier will allow players to customize specific parameters of the weapon to match its user's playstyle.

Delubrum Reginae

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Alongside the new relic quests, players can participate in a new large-scale duty, named Delubrum Reginae. This new 24-player duty will take players to the depths of ancient Bozjan ruins. A Savage equivalent of Delubrum Reginae has also been added, allowing 48-players to work together in the more difficult variant of the duty.

Blue Mage

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Blue Mages will be getting a new level cap. You will now be able to level your Blue Mage class up to level 70, with additional skills to learn, new job-specific equipment, and additions to the Blue Mage Log.

Skysteel Tool

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Those who love crafting and gathering will be able to upgrade their Skysteel Tools further.

Other goodies

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Players will have access to new emotes, hairstyles, furnishings, minions, mounts, and much more.

If you are interested in reading the full patch notes, you can head over to the Final Fantasy XIV Loadstone.

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