Fortnite server cap hit during "The Device" Live Event

Fortnite server cap hit during "The Device" Live Event

On July 15th, Epic Games hosted the next major Live Event in their Battle Royale game, Fortnite. However, 30 minutes before "The Device" story event was to kick off, Epic Games tweeted that the servers were now full, and any players unable to log in would need to watch the event unfold via Livestream.

Not only where many unable to log in, but those who were lucky enough to log in to the servers were randomly getting disconnected as the servers stressed to keep up with the number of players.

This server cap frustrated many players, but after the event, we learned just how many people flocked to the game to watch or attend the new story event.

After the event, Epic Games tweeted just how many people watched the event. With nearly 12 million players in-game and more than 8.4 million players watching on Twitch and YouTube, the event was a fantastic success.

Epic Games also stated that "As we push the edge of what live-events can be, we're improving systems so more of you can experience them in-game."

As someone who's main trade is Information Technology, just knowing that they were able to hold nearly 12 million people on their servers is fascinating. I wonder what their server infrastructure is behind the scenes!

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