Fortnite's latest update cuts down the game's overall file size

Fortnite's latest update cuts down the game's overall file size

For those of us that are PC gamers, you may know that games, especially recently, have been growing in file size. Games such as Call of Duty are over 200GB, and they seem to continue to grow and grow.

However, Fortnite shocked many with their most recent update. In a Twitter post from Fortnite's official Status account, it looks like the game is about to get significantly lighter.

This update is approximately 27GB in size, significantly larger than typical patches that PC users get. But, the exciting thing is that the overall file size of the game will shrink. This is because this patch introduces a boatload of optimizations that will reduce the game's file size on PC.

Many reports have noted that the game, after the update, is around 27GB in size. From those reports, it looks like you could be re-downloading the optimized version of the game, and the old game is deleted during the "patch."

Fortnite has also stated that load times will improve and that future patches for the game will also be smaller.

Great news for PC gamers! It is good to see that a massively popular game like Fortnite was able to optimize their game to save a significant amount of space for PC users. Hopefully, other companies take note of this and try to do the same for their games.

Another thing to note is that this patch is only for the game's PC version. Nothing has been announced for other platforms that Fortnite is available on.

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