Game Filtering added to Stadia Mobile App as Experimental Feature
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Game Filtering added to Stadia Mobile App as Experimental Feature


The Stadia Android App is currently getting a new experimental feature. This feature, "Filter Search," will allow you to easily find games you want to play or purchase in your Stadia Library and the Stadia Store.

Game-search was recently released for the Stadia Web App but has been absent from their mobile apps. This new experimental feature changes that.

DethAlive spotted this feature on Twitter, and it appears on the Experimental page in Stadia's Android settings.

You can see in the images above that the "Filter Search" feature is the second switch, and it is available to activate.

Per the description of the setting, it looks like this is only a stopgap feature until the full, more advanced search feature is developed and released.

Adds a text filter bar to lists of items in the Stadia Store, making it easier to find what you’re looking for. Support for more advanced search functionality is in development.

Once this feature is enabled, a search bar will appear on all Stadia Store sections, allowing you to easily search for games that you want to play or purchase.


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