GeForce Now looks to add over 1,500 games to its library

Last updated on Nov 16, 2020

Posted on Apr 20, 2020

In a new, and rather lengthy, blog post, NVIDIA outlines a bit of its future for its fans.

The post starts out talking about the support of many game publishers for GeForce Now, and how they have used the extended GeForce Now trial to better refine their library.

We’ve used GeForce NOW’s extended trial period as an opportunity to refine our library, with developers and publishers affirming their commitment to GeForce NOW. While some are still evaluating their cloud strategy, most are incredibly supportive. Thirty of the top 40 most-played games on Steam already stream on GeForce NOW. And we’re working to bring over 1,500 more games to the service.

-Phil Eisler, GeForce Now

Companies like Ubisoft show full support for NVIDIA GeForce Now. In a statement from the senior vice president of partnerships at Ubisoft, Chris Early, “Ubisoft fully supports NVIDIA’s GeForce NOW with complete access to our PC games from the Ubisoft Store or any supported game stores. We believe it’s a leading-edge service that gives current and new PC players a high-end experience with more choice in how and where they play their favorite games.”

This is a huge win for GeForce Now, as it shows that some major publishers see the value of Cloud Gaming, and are willing to take the plunge with NVIDIA.

However, not all companies see GeForce Now as the platform they want to use. Unfortunately, on April 24th, games from Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, XBOX Game Studios, Codemasters, and Klei Entertainment will be removed from the GeForce Now Library.

This means games like the Dirt series, Mortal Kombat, Don't Starve, Forza, and many more will not be available through GeForce Now. This is a huge blow for NVIDIA, as these are some major titles to lose.

Luckily, GeForce Now still has some popular games available on the platform. Games like Destiny 2, Counter-Strike: Global Offence and Warframe, are still popular choices for many of those that use GeForce Now.

Hopefully, GeForce Now can continue to bring more popular titles to the platform, allowing them to win back those that decided to depart from the service!

Are one of the games you play on GeForce Now leaving the platform? Comment below!

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