Genshin Impact hits 17million downloads for mobile!

Genshin Impact hits 17million downloads for mobile!

MiHoYo hit the mark with Genshin Impact. App Annie has reported that the game has already hit the 17 million download mark in just four days! That is downright amazing.

According to analyst Daniel Ahmad, the game is also on track to hit $100 million in gross revenue. With a game that had a budget of $100 million over four years, to hit $100 million in revenue the first month is a massive success for miHoYo.

The game has already hit the top charts in the US, Japan, and South Korea in Top Downloads and Top Grossing. This holds true for both the iOS store, as well as the Google Play store.

The game is known for its interesting take on the typical gacha system we see in many mobile games. Where others may require you to purchase something to progress in the game or make it extremely difficult to progress without spending money, Genshin Impact gives you the ability to play through the full game without needing to spend money. The game tailors its gacha system to those who want the best characters right away, but if you want to avoid paying cash, you can earn the premium currency through multiple different game actions.

MiHoYo has also stated that they are working on more content for the game, telling IGN Japan that they consider Genshin Impact a "live service game." It will continue to receive updates such as new characters, locations, and other types of content.

They are also working on getting the game on Next-Gen consoles. But, at this time, they do not have plans to get the game on any Xbox Consoles, so you will only see the game available on the PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch in the future.

I am excited to see what miHoYo will bring to Genshin Impact. The game is already quite remarkable, and I can say that it is probably one of my most favorite games that I have played. I wonder what miHoYo has in store for us!

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