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Genshin Impact Qiqi trailer gives you a sneak peak at what she can do


Genshin Impact released a trailer for another character that is obtainable in-game. This time it is the little Cryo zombie, Qiqi.

For those that have not played Genshin Impact, the game allows you to have a team of four characters. Each character has a specific element. These elements can work together to change the world around you and inflict extra damage from combining two elements when battling.


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Qiqi is a sword-wielding Cryo user. With Cryo, you can freeze water and enemies who are under the "wet" status. Once frozen, you can use Pyro attacks to deal some massive damage to the enemy. This is just a short explanation of what you can do with Qiqi.

Qiqi appears to be a great utility character that can help you deal some significant damage to your enemies while keeping your team alive. The trailer below shows just what Qiqi can do.

Normal Attack

Qiqi will use her sword to perform up to five combo attacks on an enemy.

Charged Attack

Qiqi will consume a certain amount of Stamina to perform two rapid strikes on an enemy using her sword.

Elemental Attack

Qiqi brings forth the Herald of Frost to deal Cryo damage periodically to enemies. While Qiqi deals damage using her Normal/Charged Attack, she will heal herself and allies around her a small amount based on her total attack damage.

The Herald of Frost will heal the active character on set intervals while it is active.

Lastly, the Herald of Frost will follow the active character around dealing damage to enemies and freezing water in your path.

Elemental Burst

Qiqi unleashes the Cryo energy within her body to deal Cryo damage to enemies while also placing a Fortune-Preserving Talisman on them.

When your active character attacks an enemy with the Fortune-Preserving Talisman, the character will regain a small amount of HP when damage is dealt.

Other Abilities

When Qiqi is a character in your active party, you will see locations of Liyue specific botanic resources. This will surely help find materials needed for your favorite culinary dish or weapon upgrade/character ascension!

Qiqi is a five-star character, so pulling her from banners will be somewhat tricky. However, the good news is that Qiqi is part of the Wanderlust Invocation banner, and thus she is not a temporary character like that of Venti and Klee.

Genshin Impact is available to play on PC, iOS, Android, and PlayStation 4. It will also be getting a Nintendo Switch version in the future.

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