Genshin Impact updates Anti-Cheat to address player concerns

Genshin Impact updates Anti-Cheat to address player concerns

When Genshin Impact launched on September 28th, many users expressed their dismay for the kernel-level anti-cheat software that miHoYo opted to use.

For those that do not know what this is, it is an anti-cheat software that runs at the deepest level on your computer. Some other games use this style of anti-cheat, such as Valorant. This type of anti-cheat can cause some users to be concerned about what is being accessed by the anti-cheat engine. For Genshin Impact, that concern was escalated once some users noticed that the anti-cheat engine continued to run even after the game has been completely closed out. This lead to many wondering why this was needed.

On an updated news article over on Genshin Impact's official website, they have taken into consideration of the concerns users have. So, they have decided to fix the issue with the anti-cheat running after the game is closed. When you exit out of Genshin Impact, the anti-cheat software will immediately close and will not start up again until you launch the game.

Although they are still using a kernel-level anti-cheat, this does address some of the concerns. Hopefully, they decide to rid the kernel-level anti-cheat altogether, but that is most likely not going to happen.

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