Genshin Impact's next character is Klee, the bomb throwing child

Last updated on Jan 13, 2021

Posted on Oct 20, 2020

Almost a month ago, miHoYo released their massively popular open-world RPG, Genshin Impact. Soon after the game was released, miHoYo stated that they would continue to update the game consistently with new characters, events, locations, and other content.

Sparkling Steps


It looks like we are getting a new character today! The character in question is Klee! Klee will be coming to Genshin Impact as a five-star character obtained by the new banner, Sparkling Steps. The Sparkling Steps banner can be purchased with Primo Gems earned in-game or by purchasing with cash.

Sparkling Steps will have a 90 pull mercy, meaning that every 90 pulls, you will automatically draw a five-star character. Klee has a 50% of being that five-star pull, so theoretically, you should get Klee within 180 pulls.

Lastly, the Sparkling Steps banner will have a higher chance of receiving a four-star character, with a 50% chance of obtaining Xingqiu, Noelle, or Sucrose. All of which are great characters to have in your arsenal.

The banner, which features Klee, will be replacing Venti's banner, Ballad of Goblets. This means that Venti is currently unable to obtain in the game. Although this may be disheartening for some who could not pull Venti, surely, miHoYo will bring the banner back in the future to allow players another chance to obtain Venti.

Klee will probably end up the same way, so if you genuinely want Klee, you may want to spend some time grinding up those Primo Gems!


Klee will be a catalyst user. Although not particularly a mage, Klee's damage comes from the bombs she throws at her enemies.

Normal Attack

Klee's normal attack has her throwing pyro bombs at her enemies. These bombs explode, causing Pyro(fire) damage to your enemies. Combine this with Cryo or Electro, and you can deal some severe damage!

Charge Attack

Klee's charge attack consists of the ability to blast a small area with a Laser dealing Pyro damage to enemies.

Primary Ability

Klee has a two-charge primary ability, allowing you to use it twice before cooldown. Her primary ability throws out a massive bomb that will bounce forward a few hops and then explode, leaving behind Pyro mines that will also explode.

Ultimate Ability

Lastly, Klee's ultimate ability will rain down a laser hell on your enemies, dealing a significant amount of Pyro damage.

I am personally excited for Klee, and I hope I can pull her in the time that she will be available!

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