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Google slashing Stadia's revenue share in an attempt to attract more developers


During the Google for Game Developers Summit, Google has announced that they will be slicing the revenue that Google takes from Stadia games to attract more game developers to their platform.

New Revenue Share Agreement

What is the new revenue share percentage, you ask?

Google has stated that starting October 1st; they will take a 15% cut of the first $3 million in sales through the end of 2023. After a game earns $3 million in gross sales, the original revenue share percentage will be calculated.

Unfortunately, developers who already have their games on Stadia will not take advantage of this new revenue-sharing percentage. It will only affect new games that are signed onto the platform after October 1st.

Although, for new developers, this new revenue share agreement could mean that they could make up to $450,000 more per game! Quite a hefty amount of money.

Stadia Pro Revenue Share

A new revenue share agreement is not the only thing that Google is offering developers.

Google will also be sharing 70% of the total revenue earned for Stadia Pro subscriptions, with the publishers of the games given out to Stadia Pro subscribers. Of the 70% share, the amount given to publishers is determined by the number of active "session days." Thus, the more players a game has, the more money the game's publisher will get.

Affiliate Market Program for Developers/Publishers

Lastly, Google announced a new Affiliate Market Program coming in 2022 for developers and publishers.

Through this new program, developers/publishers will create a "click to play link" that will allow people to jump into playing a game that is being offered. If gamers sign up to Stadia through this link, the developer/publisher will be entitled to the first month of the Stadia Pro subscription, $10.

Google's Hope

Google hopes that these incentives will bring more developers and publishers to their cloud gaming platform.

Stadia has already grown significantly since it launched back in 2019, with only 22 games. To date, Stadia has added 195 additional games (Android Police), with even more to come!

Stadia may have had a rough start, but it is catching up with other "console" platforms currently available, and with these new incentives, we will likely see many more games coming to Stadia!


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