How Cloud Gaming can extend the life of your PC

Last updated on Nov 16, 2020

Posted on Jun 2, 2020

Technology is a beautiful thing. You can access a vast amount of information, take notes with a device that fits into your pocket, and do a lot of other things!

But, as Technology gets better, older devices may... struggle to keep up. If you have had a laptop for a few years, you may notice that the same tasks that took only a second or two to open when you first bought the computer, may take significantly longer to begin now.

When simple tasks start taking this long to complete, you may start planning on purchasing a new computer, but what if I told you that you could extend your PC's life?

My view on Technology

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If you have read a few of my other posts, I have mentioned that I follow a minimalistic lifestyle. For me, that means owning less "stuff" and keeping the things that are important to me or bring value to myself.

Because I work in IT and I write this blog, having a computer is extremely valuable to me, and thus when I notice that my devices are showing their age, I want to upgrade them. This could be extreme slowness, having WiFi issues, or even actual hardware failing to work like the keyboard or the trackpad on my laptop.

But, one of the things I dislike about replacing hardware is the cost that comes with it. Getting a decent laptop can range upwards of a couple thousand if I want a premium laptop or the upper hundreds if I shoot for a decent one.

And that is a big turnoff for me.

Bring the Cloud to your PC

I have been an avid cloud user for quite some time. I have used cloud storage providers such as BackBlaze B2, Microsoft's OneDrive, and Amazon S3. I have used Microsoft Office 365 for years at my job and this blog.

I have used Virtual Machines on AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and even Digital Ocean for as long as I can remember in my IT career. For me, the cloud is no stranger.

But, recently, a new category of the "cloud" has started gaining some traction. This category is Cloud Gaming. In particular, I am talking about Shadow.Tech, Google Stadia, NVIDIA GeForce Now, and Microsoft xCloud.

As a gaming blogger, one of the things that I need to make sure I can do is play PC games. The laptops available to me to use currently are not the best for gaming. My main laptop is an Acer E15 with a GeForce 940MX that lacks the strength for any demanding game out there.

So, last year, I turned to the Cloud Gaming platform, Shadow, to better my gaming experience. And boy did it really up the power of my laptop.

Platforms like Google Stadia and GeForce Now give you access to play games on pretty much any device. Theoretically, if your device is capable of playing YouTube videos, you will be able to run these platforms without any issues.

However, those platforms only cover one side of the spectrum for what you need a computer for. If all other tasks on your current computer are fine, but gaming is a struggle, I suggest taking a look at one of these "Gaming Only" cloud platforms.

However, if you want to bring the power of a fully capable Windows 10 pc to your 3-5+-year-old computer, I suggest Shadow.

Shadow gives you a powerful computer to stream to your computer for as little as $11.99 a month. Running the stream in Full Screen will make it feel like the computer's actual desktop, sometimes making you forget that you are using a PC in the cloud instead of the local computer.

You can play games, edit videos, perform basic PC tasks like checking your email or watching YouTube, and much more!

As long as your computer is capable of running the Shadow Client, you will always have a powerful machine at your fingertips, no matter its age.

How can this extend life?

Let us take the typical gaming rig from 6-8 years ago. You may have a desktop PC with an i5-3570k and an NVIDIA GTX 680. At the time, this computer cost a pretty penny and was an absolute powerhouse. But now, in the year 2020, that computer is not how it was back in 2013. You may not even be able to play a lot of the current generation AAA games.

But, there is good news for you, both the i5-3570k and GTX 660 have enough graphical power to watch youtube videos. Heck, you may be able to squeeze the potential of 4k on one of these pieces of hardware. Well, then you are in luck!

Instead of dropping another $2000 on a gaming rig, you can subscribe to Shadow for $11.99 a month for the Shadow Boost tier and get access to a gaming rig that houses an NVIDIA Quadro P5000, a device that has more than double the performance of the GTX 680. You can even subscribe to the Shadow Ultra or Infinite tiers that will give you RTX Quadro cards that have even more power than that of the Quadro P5000.

And the best thing of all, the hardware in these tiers are upgraded regularly, so you do not have to worry about the equipment becoming obsolete, much like the hardware in your current gaming rig.

So put your wallet down!

And stop researching that new laptop that you are trying to find out how you are going to pay for. Look into getting a Cloud Gaming platform to extend the life of your current computer and get more value out of it!

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