In a month, Valheim was able to sell 5 million copies.
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In a month, Valheim was able to sell 5 million copies.


I usually do not cover total sales of a game, but Valheim is just growing too darn fast to ignore!

Launching on February 2nd, 2021, into early access on Steam, Valheim was released by a developer consisting of only five people. Since its release, the Viking-themed, progressive survival game has sold over 5 million copies. The game is also sitting in the top five most played games on Steam, sitting in spot four behind Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Dota 2, and PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds.

Five million copies in a month is an enormous feat for any game, especially one developed by a small indie game studio like Iron Gate Studio.

In the announcement post over on the game's Steam Community, the Iron Gate team shared some fun statistics behind Valheim.

"During the little time you've spent in Valheim, all five million of you managed to:

  • Spend more than 15,000 years playing Valheim
  • Watch more than 35 million hours of gameplay Twitch
  • Pushed us to number 39 in the best user reviewed games on Steam of all time
  • Made our five-person strong team excited to come to work (virtually) each and every single day (that's one person per million sales, by the way!)"

Valheim is currently available for purchase on Steam for $19.99, and I highly suggest getting it if you are into survival games. Valheim combines survival sim mechanics from games like Minecraft and Rust, and then sprinkles a little Viking on top to make it infinitely better!

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