Install Third-Party Remote Desktop Apps on your Shadow

Last updated on Nov 16, 2020

Posted on Jan 11, 2020

Shadow is not perfect. I will tell you that flat out.

You will run into issues. You will probably get annoyed with it every so often.

The best we can do is troubleshoot these issues, and provide support with any logs you may have, or resolutions you may have found.

But, how can we troubleshoot our Shadow if we can not even access it? Well, I guess it is time to talk about Third-Party Remote Desktop Applications :).

What are Remote Desktop Applications?

Much like how the Shadow Client connects to your Shadow PC, a Remote Desktop Application connects to a PC running the Host application and allows you to view the desktop of the PC.

Unlike the Shadow Client, most Third-Party Remote Desktop applications deliver a poor experience, and should only be used to restart/shutdown your Shadow, or access static files if you need to immediately access them, and are unable to connect to your Shadow via the client.

Third-Party Remote Desktop Applications

Here is a list of Remote Desktop Applications I recommend in order from most recommended to least recommended.

Chrome Remote Desktop


Price: Free
Performance: 6/10

Chrome Remote Desktop is my most recommended remote desktop app. It is a quick install, and easy to use. Just install the application on your Shadow, and install the App on your phone, or simply access Chrome Remote Desktop via your browser on another computer.

The performance of this application is mediocre at best. I highly recommend using it only to access your Shadow when you know it is turned on, but your Shadow Client fails to connect. A quick connect and shutdown will usually get you back up and running in 5-10 minutes.



Price: Free for personal use
Performance: 4/10

TeamViewer is another Remote Desktop Application. You can install the TeamViewer Server on your Shadow, connect it to your TeamViewer account, and then access your Shadow from another TeamViewer client on another PC or your mobile device.

The performance of TeamViewer is not the greatest, but it gets the job done.

A word of caution. TeamViewer has been the target of multiple cyber attacks and has been breached a few times. I highly recommend you change your password regularly.

More will be added once reviewed

Why you need one

You may have experienced one of the following Shadow errors. L:104, R:301/300, and/or your Shadow getting stuck at "Starting Stream".

There is a high possibility that your Shadow did boot, however, the Shadow services failed to start correctly. However, if you have a third-party remote desktop app installed, you can remote in and shut down your Shadow to try launching it again.

Having a second way to access your Shadow will help with a lot of issues you receive. Even if you rarely, if ever, use it. It would be a good idea to have it installed!

Final Thoughts

Shadow is constantly evolving. This means periodic updates. And these updates can cause issues. That is the risk that is involved in using any platform that is constantly being updated.

When you run into issues, it is best to troubleshoot them the best you can before reaching out to support, providing them with as much information you can.

Using a program like Chrome Remote Desktop will help with this.

I hope this helps with some of the issues you guys may have! Until next time :).

Have anything to add to this blog post, or have some feedback? Feel free to comment below!

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