John Justice, Stadia's Product Head, has left Google
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John Justice, Stadia's Product Head, has left Google


As reported by 9to5Google, it appears that Stadia's Product Head has left Google.

John Justice, who joined Google at the start of 2019, was the Vice President and Head of Product at Stadia. This role had Justice overseeing the consumer experience for Stadia.

You may know his name, as he was the one that usually talked about upcoming features for Stadia.

Although we do not know specifically why John Justice decided to take his leave from Google, we can confirm that he did truly leave, with Google telling 9to5Google that he has indeed left the company.

Google Stadia has a history of overpromising features, and  John Justice was the one who stated, back in December, that Google will no longer discuss features and updates for Stadia before they are ready to be released.

Since then, Stadia has been releasing features quietly or announcing them when they are about to roll out or will be rolling out within the next few weeks.

Recently, the library search feature and UI changes were announced and began rolling out to Stadia players.

It would be interesting to find out why John Justice decided to leave Google, and who will end up replacing him?

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