Jungle Awakens DLC on its way to Minecraft Dungeons on July 1st

Jungle Awakens DLC on its way to Minecraft Dungeons on July 1st

Minecraft Dungeons is a fun and exciting addition to the Minecraft universe. With taking your favorite block building game and merging it with Diablo-style gameplay, you end up with a great addition to the games released in 2020.

However, many had stated that the game lacked a bit in terms of content when it launched. Because of this, Mojang Studios promised that DLC's are on their way with many free updates in-between each one. The first DLC has been announced along with a release date of July 1st, 2020.

The DLC will bring new gear to the game, as well as new enemies, new areas, and much more. You can view the announcement post from Mojang Studios to find out more details about the expansion.

Along with the new DLC release, those who currently own Minecraft Dungeons will get their hands on a free update that will include some new gear, tweaks, and the addition of the Lost Temple Dungeon. If you purchased the Hero Edition of the game or purchased the Hero Pass, you will get the DLC for free on day one.

Will you be playing this new Minecraft Dungeons DLC?

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