Microsoft appears to have quietly rebranded Xbox Game Pass

Microsoft appears to have quietly rebranded Xbox Game Pass

It looks like Microsoft may have quietly rebranded the Xbox Game Pass, removing Xbox completely, leaving it now as just Game Pass. Although the Xbox logo is still in the official logo, so it may be called X Game Pass? This would kind of fit with Microsoft's xCloud naming.

This change was announced from the Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass For PC twitter accounts, merely saying "Trying out a new look" and "Same."

Although this logo change may just be a rebranding of their logo, it could also be a full rebrand of their name. However, we will not know until Microsoft officially announces it.

This change to the name does make sense. Microsofts Game Pass is starting to become more of a multiplatform option, thanks to xCloud and Game Pass for PC. With a rebrand like this, they could be targeting a broader audience, instead of focusing on just Xbox fans.

We will see how things turn out soon enough.

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