Microsoft wants to offer xCloud to PC and Xbox users as well

Microsoft wants to offer xCloud to PC and Xbox users as well

Microsoft's xCloud, which is currently available for Android devices through the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscriptions, could be available on PC and Xbox Consoles in the future. In a twitter response from Xbox's boss, Phil Spencer, to another Twitter user, Phil states that the xCloud team wants "console and PC players to be able to browse as easily as mobile players."

Interestingly, with xCloud being an Xbox product, it is not available on the Xbox or Windows PC's. Instead, it launched on Android devices, allowing Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers to play their games on the go.

Earlier this year, Microsoft started exploring the possibility of getting xCloud on Windows 10 by allowing developers to access the xCloud service for game development and testing.

With so many Cloud Gaming services currently available on PC, and more on their way, Microsoft needs to catch up and offer xCloud to PC users. If they can get it running on Consoles, that would be even better. Maybe even allowing them to release another version of the Xbox Series X/S consoles. One specifically for Cloud Gaming?

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