Minecraft Dungeons reaches ten million players. Free cosmetics for all!
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Minecraft Dungeons reaches ten million players. Free cosmetics for all!


Minecraft Dungeons, the action role-playing game spinoff of Mojang Studios' Minecraft, has hit a significant milestone. The game has recently achieved ten million total players across all of its platforms.

The milestone was announced in a blog post over on Minecraft's website. Alongside the ten million player milestone, Mojang Studios gave us some other fun statistics of what players have been up to in the game.

Players have defeated the Arch-Illager 5,934,629 times, they have collectively spent 1141 years in their camps, and players have beaten the Redstone Monstrosity 7,044,521 times out of 19,511,944 attempts.

To celebrate the game reaching this milestone, Mojang Studios announced that they would be "releasing a new cape and a pet for our players." This cape and pet will be given to all players in their inventory on February 24th as part of a free game update that will release on the same date alongside the Flames of the Nether DLC.

This ten million player number does not mean that ten million copies of the game have been sold. Due to the game being available on the Xbox Game Pass for Xbox and PC, a good chunk of these players could be playing the game through Microsoft's subscription service.

Minecraft Dungeons can be purchased for $20 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. The game is also playable on the Xbox One and PC via the Xbox Game Pass.

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