Minecraft Live will be on October 3rd

Minecraft Live will be on October 3rd

In a recent blog post over on Minecraft's website, Mojang Studios have announced that their annual MINECON has been renamed to Minecraft Live. This announcement comes as the world is still battling a global pandemic, and events have been switching to online-only events. This is no different for the annual Minecraft Live event.

This upcoming October 3rd, you will be able to tune into Minecraft Live over at https://minecraft.net/live. In a statement from Sofia Dankis, "Due to the impact of Covid-19, Mojang Studios has delayed Minecraft Festival until 2022 and will no longer be involved with official community events. Until then, we're going to bring the party directly to your device and we've got all of our usual goodies lined up for you! Join us on Minecraft.net/live for updates, mob votes, news, and delightful banter. Oh, and chickens. Lots and lots of chickens."

It is interesting to see that Mojang Studios has delayed physical events until 2022 and will not be involved in any official community events until then. But, it is good to know that they are bringing the event to digital platforms so that fans and players can still join in on the fun and see what Mojang Studios has to offer!

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