Minecraft Nether Update is out now!
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Minecraft Nether Update is out now!


The next big Minecraft update, The Nether Update, is out today!

Hop on and play in the new underworld that is entirely different than what we already know. With nether biomes, new villager-like beings, and new enemies to fight in the Nether, this update will surely add a new challenge to Minecraft!


The new Nether Update introduces four new biomes. Soulsand Valley, Warped Forests, Crimson Forests, and Basalt Deltas biomes. Each with their own unique features.

Soulsand Valley

Credit: Gamepedia

This biome is a spooky new region with fossilized remains everywhere. Teeming with Skeletons, this area will have you shivering in your diamond boots with a sky thick with ash and an eerie blue light covering the land.

Warped Forests

Credit: Gamepedia

A new forest fungi biome with Warped Fungi manifests as large, tree-like structures. This biome is one of the safer biomes in the Nether.

Crimson Forests

Credit: Gamepedia

Much like the Warped Forests, but a different type of Fungi. However, this biome is not as safe with Hoglins patrolling their territory, which is found in this biome.

Basalt Deltas

Credit: Gamepedia

Similar to what the old Nether was like, this biome is the home to Magma Cubes, Ghasts, and Striders. White ash floats in the air around you, and you will find Blackstone and Basalt here with lava surrounding this location.


The new update brings in Piglins, Hoglins, and Striders.


Credit: Gamepedia

Piglins are new hostile mobs in the Nether. However, they are fascinated with gold, so if you wear gold armor, they will not attack you and may even bargain with you. You can trade them one gold ingot for Crying Obsidian.


Credit: Gamepedia

These are new enemies in the Nether. They are incredibly hostile and will attack you if you get too close. Hoglins will transform into Zoglins if they are in the overworld or The End for more than 15 seconds.


Credit: Gamepedia

Striders are new passive monsters in the Nether. They can be saddled and led by players using Warped Fungus on a Stick.

New Ore

Along with new enemies and biomes, we are also getting a new ore called Netherite.


Credit: Gamepedia

This new ore is a high-level ore that is found in the Nether. This is the first update to include a stronger ore type since the release of Diamond. Netherite weapons, tools, and armors are all more durable and stronger than Diamond. They also float in lavalava, so if you accidentally try to swim in lavalava, you can retrieve your armor.

There are many more features included in this update. You can check out the patch notes to find out everything that has been added with this new update!

See you all in the Nether!

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