Monster Hunter: World, play as Milla Jovovich's character in new movie crossover
Monster Hunter World Capcom Games

Monster Hunter: World, play as Milla Jovovich's character in new movie crossover


Capcom has announced that their popular monster-bashing, resource grinding, item crafting RPG, Monster Hunter: World, will be getting a crossover with the upcoming Monster Hunter movie. This crossover will bring a film-specific quest to the game that will allow you to play as Milla Jovovich's character from the Hollywood film.

The two-part Artemis "Monster Hunter" Movie Quest will be available to play in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne starting December 3rd at 4:00 PM PST. You will play as Artemis, who is voiced by Milla Jovovich, to battle against the Black Diablos in the first quest and the Greater Rathalos in the second quest. Both hunts are Master Rank and will require the completion of the base game in-order to play.

Finishing the event quests will allow you to obtain layered armor and special gear. The Layered armor will enable you to look like Artemis' character that you play during the quest. The Special equipment that you can craft is the Artemis α+ Armor Set, which will give you the same gear that Artemis is seen wearing, but you will keep your character's features.

An exciting feature of the quest is that Artemis will be speaking in English, while all other characters in the quest will be speaking in the Monster Hunter Language.

Another celebration for the upcoming Monster Hunter movie includes the ability to receive a special item pack when you log into Monster Hunter: World starting November 26th at 4:00 PM PST. This pack will include the following items:

  • Ancient Potion x30
  • Dust of Life x30
  • Golden Egg x10
  • True Armor Sphere x3
  • Earplug Jewel+ x1

It is also good to note that this item pack will only be available to claim once per character. This does not require you to complete or participate in the Movie event quests. You just need to log into the game.

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