My predictions for Shadow in 2021
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My predictions for Shadow in 2021


So, it is now 2021, and a new year brings new opportunities! How will 2021 affect Cloud Gaming? Well, no one knows for sure, but we can always predict what will happen.

This article will cover my predictions of how 2021 will affect Shadow.



In 2021, I do not believe we will see any changes to the hardware that Shadow offers. Shadow will most likely use a trickle-down strategy for any hardware upgrades. The trickle-down approach means that Shadow will only bring new hardware to the Infinite tier when it is time to upgrade. From there, the Ultra tier will be "upgraded" to the old Infinite hardware, while the Boost tier will get the old Ultra hardware. This extends the lifecycle of hardware while also giving an "upgrade" to its subscribers.

With Ultra and Infinite releasing in 2020, the chance we will see an upgrade will be slim. If anything, we may see an upgrade in 2022.



Streaming Quality

I think we will see an increase in streaming quality for Shadow in 2021. With Shadow hiring Jean-Baptiste Kempf as CTO, who is the president of the VideoLAN group, I can see him bringing knowledge to the company that could help improve the quality of Shadow's streaming technology.

This prediction includes an increase in the color accuracy of the Shadow Client. Possibly 4:4:4 Chroma Sub-sampling and HDR capabilities.

Bandwidth Usage

I predict that Shadow will further optimize the Bandwidth usage of the Shadow Client, allowing for a better way to detect the proper bandwidth usage needed to stream the required resolution and refresh rate.

Multi-Screen Support

With the announcement of multi-screen support coming to version 1 of the Shadow Box, I believe that we will see an Alpha for multi-screen support on all Shadow Clients in 2021.

Shadow as a company


I believe Shadow will see significant growth in 2021. With more people working from home, being able to access a Cloud Computer could be a massive game-changer for those who need a powerful PC but cannot afford the upfront cost of one.

Streamlined activation

The long activation times for new Shadow subscribers have plagued the company throughout all of 2020. I believe that 2021 will be the year that Shadow will catch up and activate users promptly.

New Offers for All

Currently, for you to get Ultra or Infinite in the United States, you need to be a current Shadow Boost subscriber. I believe that the new offers will be available for all to order on sign-up sometime this year.

Final Thoughts

Shadow will continue to grow throughout 2021. With tech giants like Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and NVIDIA as competitors, Shadow needs to keep pushing forward and innovating.

Will my predictions be correct? We won't know until the end of 2021! If you have your own predictions, @mention us on Twitter (@luroio) as we would love to know them!

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