New Airship map and update coming later this month to Among Us
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New Airship map and update coming later this month to Among Us


Among Us, the hit murder mystery game by studio Innersloth, will be getting a new update later this month.

In the update, you will be able to play on the new airship map revealed last December. Along with the new map, there will be new tasks associated with it.

This update will be the most significant update the game has ever had, and with it, you can expect the following updates.

  • Ladders
  • An Account System to allow for better game moderation
  • A new option to pick the room you start in
  • More cosmetic hats

The update was announced over on Innersloth's official Twitter account and stated that the next update would be coming on March 31st.

In the update post over on, Innersloth mentioned why the release of the Airship map took so long.

"Additionally, creating a map and updates isn't as simple as creating one aspect of the game and throwing it onto the PC. Because our game is cross-platform, it means EVERYTHING needs to work on as many devices as possible. (Every kind of smartphone and its various versions, console, etc.) You may have noticed most modifications to the game focus on just PC, as that makes development much easier." - Innersloth

The devs state that the sudden popularity of the game brought new challenges to their small team. Initially, they planned to not release any more updates to Among Us and were considering working on another game. However, with the game's sudden popularity, they decided against it and went back to working on Among Us.

With that, many different challenges were introduced that they never had to deal with before.

You can check out the full explanation of these challenges over on the blog post. They explain each challenge thoroughly so that you, the reader, can better understand.

Moderation was also a big challenge that Innersloth faced, and they wanted to get a hold of before releasing any major updates.

"The most important thing for us when Among Us blew up was to ensure safety, moderation, and reporting. We consider it our responsibility to create a positive, healthy community. Thank you to our community for being excellent to each other in games! That being said, we were very much aware that there was still a moderation problem we needed to tackle, and that became our priority." - Innersloth.

If you are interested in checking out the update trailer, you can head over to YouTube to watch it!

Among Us is available on PC, Nintendo Switch, iOS, Android, and Xbox One.

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