New Job Listing suggests Stadia exploring White-Labeling

Last updated on Jul 29, 2021

Posted on Jul 29, 2021

Earlier this year, Google announced that they would shut all internal game development studios for Google Stadia.

During this announcement, Google mentioned that they were planning on offering their Stadia Streaming Tech to third parties to offer them a way to create their own cloud gaming platform.

This form of licensing is called White-Labeling, and it appears that Google is finally starting to take action on this new possible money maker.

Spotted on Linkedin, Google appears to be hiring a new Project Manager for the Stadia Cloud Gaming platform. However, it is the description of the job listing that shows that Google is taking steps for white-labeling its streaming tech.

In addition to building our own video game platform, we see an important opportunity to make our infrastructure and tools available to partners who want to build their own interactive streaming platforms. Our goal is to build a long-term, sustainable business that helps grow the industry across gaming and other interactive streaming applications.

This means that third-party developers and publishers will be able to utilize Stadia's tech under their own name to offer their games. To some, this sounds like a step in the direction of Google axing Stadia as a service, while others look at this as a way for more games to make their way to Google's cloud gaming platform.

However, it may be, this should be a huge moneymaker for Google, and depending on the agreements for white-labeling, it may even be a marketing boost for the Stadia platform as well!

Imagine if Square Enix wanted to offer cloud gaming for their Final Fantasy games, it could end up being named something like "Final Fantasy Cloud." However, if Google's white-labeling agreement states that the third party must also add something like, Powered by Stadia, then seeing cloud gaming platforms from major developers/publishers could end up being a huge marketing boost for Google.

We will have to see how everything turns out. In my opinion, I think this would boost game compatibility with Stadia and help expand the service!

What are your thoughts on Google white-labeling the Stadia Streaming Tech? Comment below!

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